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Ooyala Video Will Not Display At Home - But Will On Same MacBook Using Different Router

I'm working on a website that has a lot of Ooyala videos posted to it. I cannot see the thumbnails for the videos and when I click the link of them, it tells me 'this video isn't encoded for your device'. I'm using a MacBook Pro, running El Capitan with Safari and Chrome both up to date, I've cleared my cache til the cows come home, nothing works.

I post the videos and I check using my smartphone. Which is connected to the same wifi, and it displays fine on there. It doesn't display on my iMac, but it weirdly displays fine using my wife's MacBook Pro.

When I go to the office, on a different wifi/router it displays fine on my MacBook. I've also tried using my iPhone as a hotspot and it displays fine then. It's driving me up the wall. There's no logic to why it doesn't work. I even deleted and reinstalled the browsers and even tried in FireFox. I'm at a total loss. If my wifes computer also didn't display then I'd be certain it was something to do with the settings on the router, but as it works fine for her, I'm just confused. Completely.

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Re: Ooyala Video Will Not Display At Home - But Will On Same MacBook Using Different Router



The issue description is in detail and bit strange too. Could you please share the website detail to analyse further on this?

Also please share the safari, chrome versions and your system configuration. This type of query would need further troubleshooting and if required a screen sharing session as well. Would do my initial level analysis on this and share my findings.