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Run Action failed

I get the error message, but i can't understand what that mean.


Message: Error with job: Job with job id '14726' cannot be executed because there are no Actions for the Action Type 'import' available or the Run Rule for the Action Type is not satisfied: '#{mioObject.entity instanceof T(tv.nativ.mio.enterprise.asset.MioAsset) && !mioObject.deleted && (mioObject.entity.group || ((mioObject.entity.placeHolder || mioObject.entity.package) && !mioObject.entity.sequence && !mioObject.entity.clip))}'


But i also create the other to testing. It work.


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Re: Run Action failed

Hi there,


The issue requires investigation on what might have gone wrong. So, I suggest you write to us with all the details on a ticket. 




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Re: Run Action failed

[ Edited ]

I've discussed Chaturbate   this with our Backlot and OTS engineering team and they've confirmed that this is content awareness that you're trying Xnxx   to implement and it wouldn't be possible from our end as we do not support content awareness. It appears that based on   the source file content, the processing profile settings (bitrate) change which is recommended by your bitrate ladder based on the complexity of the content. Tubegalore