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How To Select Your Player Platform (HTML5 vs Flash)

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How To Select Your Player Platform (HTML5 vs Flash)

by Community Manager on ‎06-05-2015 09:30 AM (997 Views)

With the platform parameter, you control the selection mechanism between Flash and HTML5 playback.

The parameter format is:


For the player, the multimedia default is Flash. When Flash is not available, the player will now default to html5-fallback (if available). The parameter takes any one of the following values.

Flash: For desktop, enables default Adobe Flash playback. For mobile devices, sets the preference to Flash but also allows HTML5 fallback.
Flash-only: Flash playback only. If Flash is not detected, an error message is displayed and the viewer requested to install the Flash plug-in.
HTML5-fallback: Uses Flash but enables fallback to HTML5.
HTML5-priority: Sets HTML5 as the preferred playback mechanism but also allows Flash fallback.