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How to make an Ooyala video a website's Background

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Started ‎01-07-2015 by
Modified ‎01-07-2015 by

How to make an Ooyala video a website's Background

by on ‎01-07-2015 10:09 AM (607 Views)

Sometimes users would like to create a website in such a way that they would require the ooyala video to play on the background.


This is possible by making the below mentioned changes in the embed script.

  • Put the player with the height and width that stretches the entire screen, in the<div>
  • Create a player with chromeless:true and autoplay:true
  • Make sure you use platform=html5-priority when loading V3




<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


<div id='playerwrapper' style='width:1440px;height:840px'></div>


var player = OO.ready( function() {
OO.Player.create('playerwrapper','---your asset id---', {