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Live Stream for Android

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Live Stream for Android

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Live Stream for Android





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Andriod version 2.3 support flash, so these devices support live streams which are running over flash. Version above 2.3 does not support flash player and we do not support HLS via HTML5 player so the streams will not play as expected. Instead it will show error message.


Native android support for HLS is not very good. However we also have as a solution our App called "Hook" Available in Google Store.


The customer can transmit Live Streamings on Android with the HLS streams by adding on their script the parameters:


By default will not play on android, however AFTER you have setup the live streaming by adding iOS playback via API, there are an options to play it on Android:


With a parameter on your player script by adding tweaks=android-enable-hls.




Use the tweaks parameter to enable HLS on your Android devices

for the web. Although you can use this parameter to enable HLS on Android devices, certain limitations exist for HLS playback on 2.x and 4.x devices. For more information about operability on Android devices, see "Enabling HLS on Android Web."




Note: As the use of the tweaks parameter can involve native playback issues, we cannot guarantee optimal playback experience on every Android device and OS version. Hook is a feature that improves this behavior.


- See more at: http://help.ooyala.com/video-platform/reference/player_v3_dev_querystringparams.html#sthash.NPzdmAeH...


Also, via Android SDK is now supported.



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