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Error in uploading video due to special characters



We are facing an error while trying to upload videos which has some special characters in the file name. As per the documentation provided in this link, it seems like special characters are not allowed - http://help.ooyala.com/video-platform/reference/input_formats.html

  • The filename of the video you upload should not contain any special characters. For example, do not use a filename like "myvideo!@£$%^&*().mov".

The documentation is not providing a clear list of characters which are not allowed in the file name. Can you please share that list so that we can strip out these characters before uploading ?

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Re: Error in uploading video due to special characters

Hi Joseph,


I checked around your query and found out that there are no chars restrictions to file names to upload any more, we'll need to update the docs.


On the other hand, for there may be a different reason why your content is not being uploaded, the following are the supported video and audio extensions for upload via Backlot UI: 


Video Extensions: wmv, avi, mov, moov, mpg, mpeg, m2t, m2v, vob, flv, mp4, mpg4, mkv, asf, m4v, m2p, 3gp, 3g2, f4v, mp3, m4a, wma, aac, mxf 
Audio Extensions: m4a, mp3, wma, aac, wav, ogg 


Hope this helps, please let me know else.