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Custom controls and Ooyala player (v4) controls



   I have integrated ooyala player version v4 into my project and ooyala player is customised.


    My requirement is To display the custom controls on video region for desktop chrome browser, mobile web chrome browser and iOS safari browsers.


   I am able to display my custom controls on video region for desktop chrome browser & mobile web chrome browser.



      From iOS safari browsers, I am able to display my custom controls as well as ooyala controls on the video region. here I don't want to display ooyala controls and I want to display only my custom controls.


     I have attached the sample test page and screen shot with this post. From screen shot, ooyala player controls are marked as red color.


  Skill Set :    ASP.Net with MVC , C# and java script

                     OOyala player (V4)


custom Player configuration:

ooyalaPlayer = OO.Player.create(
videoGuid, {
autoplay: false,
height: '100%',
width: '100%',
initialTime: 1,
showAdMarquee: true,
showInAdControlBar: false,
layout: 'chromeless',
'flashParams': {
hide: 'all',
oo_scrubber: false,
'scrubberParams': {
"show_play_button": false
onCreate: window.OnCreate,
css: '.oo_end_screen { display: none;}'



    Kindly could you provide me the solution to display custom controls on iOS safari browsers.



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Re: Custom controls and Ooyala player (v4) controls

Hello Chittibabu!


You can customize the Player controls by using the Skin JSON. To perform this, please check our documentation about it: 




Please note that for the particular case of iOS, the fullscreen mode is handled by the native iOS player and it can't be customized. However, the inline Player can be. You’ll probably want to set {"iosPlayMode": "inline"} so that the player is displayed in inline mode initially.


Please let us know if there's any other question.



Marco Velasco.