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iFrame embed: trial account pbids/default list of pbids?

My organization oversees a bunch of local organizations. Some of these organizations host their videos on Ooyala, and they will send us links to their Ooyala videos to display on our site. We want to use Ooyala’s iframe embed -- http://help.ooyala.com/video-platform/reference/pbv4_embed_iframe.html -- to display these videos on the site.


I’m reviewing the documentation and I see that we need a pbid to identify the player that we want to use. I’ve created a trial Ooyala account to modify the player to display how we want (essentially the default but with no title/description on the start screen) and I’m using that for now, but I fear that this will stop working when my trial account ends.


Could you guys please let me know if my existing pbid, 72f3e73e3f8a467ba37c1f57b784d30e, will continue to work after my trial period ends? If it will indeed expire, is there a list of default pbids somewhere that we can use without having to sign up for an account? I’m not sure if this warrants an account signup since the only thing that we’d want to do is to hide the title/description from the default player start screen.

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Re: iFrame embed: trial account pbids/default list of pbids?


Hope you are doing well.

I understand that your local organizations have Ooyala accounts. In such scenario, you don't need a trial account to host their videos on your site. You can use their embed_code and pbid to display the video on your site with the player customization (without title & description on the start screen). You can meet the requirement using player customization via 'skin inline' parameters. Please refer:
I Guess currently you are using the 'backlot-publish-player-start screen' to un-check boxes for ‘title’ and ‘description’ and then using the trial account PBID to meet the requirement. A similar thing can be done via skin-inline or request your organization to create a new user (with a valid package, not trial) and create your own player as you did now.

Below is my answer to your questions:
1) When a trial account expires then the embed_code or pbid will no longer work.
2) There is no default pbid's to share.
3) As I have already answered, to meet your requirement a valid Ooyala account is sufficient (local organization account).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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Re: iFrame embed: trial account pbids/default list of pbids?

i were looking for that too