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iOS SDK crash



We have a live app with 100k+ users where we integrated OOyala video player.

We see crashes in our crashlog that seem to be from the OOOoyalaPlayerViewController.


Crash message:

"Application tried to present modally an active controller <OOOoyalaPlayerViewController: 0x16b22630>".


Which means the OOOoyalaPlayerViewController wanted to present modally an already active view controller.


Can you please confirm that this is an issue in the SDK, or at least provide some background information which could help us eliminate the crashes from our app?



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Re: iOS SDK crash



I have just done some research and your problem does not appear to be a known issue with the Ooyala Mobile SDK for iOS.


It is also not reproducible with any of the sample apps we provide and so I suspect that it is caused by the way you have integrated the SDK into your own app.


In case you have not done so, please first of all check that you are using the latest version of the SDK.


If you do have reason to believe that the problem is caused by a bug in the SDK, please contact Ooyala Technical Support with a modified version of our sample app that shows the problematic behaviour.

We can then investigate the issue and ask our engineering team to provide a fix if it turns out a code change is required.



Kind regards,


Phil Taprogge


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Re: iOS SDK crash

Just tried the same sample app on my iPhone6/iOS 9 and it works fine. So, do you have a support seat on the Ooyala Support Portal? I think this one worths to further investigate on that end.