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No <enclosure> in RSS feeds = No Video in our Android Apps

Our Android Apps no longer play video (after upgrading to the ooyala player).  They used to get the video from the <enclosure> tag in the RSS feeds generated from our site.  Ooyala doesn't add that.
Is there a function (we use wordpress) that we can add to our  site that will add the ooyala video into an enclosure tag that our apps can read?
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Re: No <enclosure> in RSS feeds = No Video in our Android Apps

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Hi Anthony,


Thanks for sharing your question. I am not really sure what is the problem, though. 


Talking about your Android App, are you using our SDK? 

Android and iOS SDKs:


Also you mentioned a RSS feed. If this feed is generated by your site, then you might need to add the <enclosure> tag to it and populate it with the correct information. However, on Backlot you can create a Universal Feed which can be tailored on the format you want and include information as Content ID, Metadata, Stream URLs and more. We have some other feeds that might provide the same info out of the box as well.


We do not provide any features that can be configured for or within WordPress. If you plan to get information from WordPress this is something you might need to look for on the WordPress documentation.


Please feel free to create a case in our Support Portal if you need further assistance troubleshooting your Android App.



Jonathan G.