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Monetizer 2.0.14 Release Features - October 30, 2010

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Monetizer 2.0.14 Release Features - October 30, 2010

by Ooyalan ‎03-04-2015 07:55 AM - edited ‎09-21-2015 01:53 PM (484 Views)

Greetings!                                       Ooyala Newsletter - week 44


Yesterday we released a new version on the manager and this newsletter introduces you to what’s new and to the bug fixes that have been done. The release focused on easing your everyday work with both large and small features.

Export Campaign Planner result
In the Campaign Planner, you can now export the inventory forecast to HTML and easily copy the data to Excel or other tools.

Create filler campaigns
A new flag has been added on campaign level that lets you exclude a campaign from the inventory forecast calculations. This combined with a low campaign priority can be used to create proper filler campaigns. Additionally, the behaviour of the campaign planner has been changed to also include campaigns that are switched off as well as campaigns with no ads configured.

Download and reuse your creatives
It is now possible to download creatives used in earlier campaigns. This is done by simply clicking the file name in the expanded ad view (which they are now blue).

Copy external pixel tracking links
The External Tracking pixel field has been improved to allow for copy-pasting pixel URLs between ads.

InSkin ad format
Our partnership with InSkin Media brings the InSkin platform to the product! These cool new formats open up a new door to further monetise your content. Please contact your Technical Account Manager for more information about this. Click here to see a demo!

Retiring The Old Monetizer
We would also like to announce we will be closing down Monetizer 1, the old interface will be retired on the 15th of November.

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Best Regards,
Ooyala Client Relations