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Product Update - April 2011

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Product Update - April 2011

by Ooyalan ‎03-04-2015 07:58 AM - edited ‎09-21-2015 01:46 PM (590 Views)

Hello!                                                                    Product Update - April 18th

We are happy to inform you about our latest product update of the Ooyala Manager. In this update we are introducing several new features together with improved reporting. Here’s a summary of the new features we have added:


  • First/Last ad in break - We have now added the ability to configure which position ads should have within an ad break. This setting is available for spots (preroll, midroll, postroll) and overlays. Since configuring ad positions in breaks may affect the available inventory it is now also possible to set ad position restrictions when using the campaign planner.
  • Forecast on goal level - You can now easily check how your goal is performing within your campaign and the likeliness of the goal to complete according to schedule.
  • Weighing of ads - We have now added the possibility to set weights on ads within goals. There is now a weight column in the ad table where you can set a manual weight (in percent) for one or more ads, delivering these ads according to this percentage while the others share the rest within the goal.
  • Automatic optimization on eCPM - We have added a setting in the Global Settings dialog allowing you to enable automatic optimization on eCPM. With this enabled, impression goals with higher eCPM will always be served before impression goals with lower eCPM or no budget.
  • New frequency capping options - We have added two new frequency capping options letting you cap your campaign or goal to a certain amount of impressions per user, per campaign/goal lifetime, or the next 30 minutes (in total there are now seven different capping options).

As you probably know already you can pull reports either on campaign or site / category level and download them as PDF or Excel. Remember that apart from your ordinary campaign reports, you can also pull “Account Reports”. These reports are useful if you want a detailed report on how your site / category performed during a specific period (e.g. Q1 or March). This product update includes improved reporting on both campaign and site / category level. Here’s a summary of what is new:

  • Completion rate reporting - We are now introducing a completion rate figure on campaign and account / category level. This figure informs you about the completion of your ads within your campaign / category specified to a quartile level (25%, 50%, 75% & 100%).
  • New reports under your account tab - At the drop-down menu to the right of your site / category you can now pull detailed and summary reports per day and per subcategory for your ads. These reports are Excel only.

As a reminder we released the Frontload feature a month ago. This feature gives you improved manual control over the delivery pace of your campaigns and you can find more details in our last announcement. Perhaps you may need to change for a more positive Frontload for the upcoming UK Royal Wedding that is if you are carrying that video content!

If you have any questions feel free to contact

Best Regards,
Ooyala Client Relations