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Product Update - September 2011

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Started ‎03-04-2015 by
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Product Update - September 2011

by Ooyalan ‎03-04-2015 08:04 AM - edited ‎09-21-2015 01:39 PM (585 Views)

Hello,                                       Product Update - 9/14/11



We hope you have had a lovely summer and a great start to the autumn. At Ooyala we have been working hard to deliver new features for the Platform over the past weeks and are happy to inform you what’s new. Here’s the full list of what has been added this time:


Live preview (note: only for clients who are live with our latest flash plugin version)

With this feature you can live preview your ads directly on your video site using your own player to see how they look. This live preview feature will work even if your campaign / ad is not enabled or live yet. Set the default URL for your player site under Settings and you will find a live preview option in the Context Menu for ads. Mid-roll and post-roll ads will play as pre-roll ads when live-previewed. Please contact your Technical Account Manager or Ooyala Support if you need to check your current plugin version.


New targeting rules - IP and Browser/OS targeting

We have now added IP targeting in the platform, meaning you can target or target away an IP address or IP range/s of addresses. We have also added Browser and Operating System (OS) targeting. With this feature you can simply target or target away certain Internet browsers or operating systems.


These new targeting rules can be set either on global level (for all your campaigns/goals) or assigned to a specific campaign or goal. This feature can be found with the other targeting functionality in the Manager.


We have also made a small change in the design of the targeting logotypes when adding these new rules. Here’s a sample image of how the new targeting rules look in the Manager.

Summary report enabled for external access

When inviting external people to view reports, using our external access feature, you can now choose between sharing a full or summary version of the campaign or category/content report. This feature can be found in the Context menu, to the right, in the Campaign / Category overview.


..and a few weeks back we also added:


Client categories for Clash Protection

It is now possible to create client categories and assign advertisers / brands as members of these categories to prevent them from clashing with each other during an ad break. Creation and assignment is activated from the new tab "Client categories" in the Clients section. When clash protection is enabled for a membership, ads from that client will not show together with ads from other clients in the same client category. You can read more in this support article which also features an example.


If you missed any of our earlier product updates, you can find them in our support knowledge base under announcements. If you have any questions feel free to contact

Best Regards,

Ooyala Client Relations