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Kudos! Help recognize others for their forum contributions

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Do you ever find a post helpful or appreciate insights from a particular user? 


You can recognize/share your appreciation by giving the post a Kudo. 

Kudos give you and other members insight into content and contributors the community finds valuable.

To give a Kudo, just click on the star icon on the post you want to recognize. 


Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.16.38 PM.png


You can only give one Kudo per post, but total Kudos given is also displayed.
Note: There are a several Kudo settings you can configure, check them out under the Kudos tab in "My Settings".






Please show your appreciation to others. If someone helps you, don't forget to give them Kudos by clicking the star button next to their post. If a post answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution."

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